onsdag 2 november 2011

And although I was burning, you're the only light

Day 3 without power.

Dear Diary....No but seriously it is an experience. Your brain knows you have no power but still you think - well this can be kinda nice, since we don't have power and thereby no internet and limited amount of battery on the laptop so I wont be able to study, I could finally have time to see some TV. Only to a couple of seconds later realize, oh wait - no power = no TV.  

Since our landlords have a wooden stove we have heat, which is more than most of our friends that live off campus, Anna and I really can't complain. We take our showers at the gym, but to the most part I spend my evenings in the lab, writing or browsing the internet. Last night I apparently fell asleep at 2045, I guess boredom  gets you a good night sleep. 

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