onsdag 16 november 2011

Still a weirdo, after all these years

I take a lab course called environmental biotechnology, the class is good because we get to try a lot of different techniques, but the best part are the people. We started as a group of five, that help each other out with rapports and such, after a while there was a Facebook group and a name, FAB 5. Then some more members where added, and now its Fab 5 + Jake. We were discussing the campus pond since the aim of the course is to get a understanding of the environment in the pond, some one said that besides from the gross amount of fecal matter, there is snapping turtles. And I said oh, they are so cute. And I guess that I once again became the weird scandnavian. To ad, a big turtle can bite your arm of or snap a couple of fingers effortlessly.

So the next day I get this posted to me in the group:
 Still thinking it's cute? 
 But I was more thinking of this, 

Not this, but then I was thinking, could you train a snapping turtle, and then sit on its' back and watch it attack? 

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